Quality policy

The SINAER´s professional acquire the compromise of:

  • Manage the Organization according to a System Quality Management, In accordance with the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008, so as to achieve a management of the organization according to the requirement of its customer and always in terms of more effective and profit both side.
  • Guarantee the compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements that governing the activities of the conformity assessment of process , products, services, and facilities respect to the requirements of the rules of application to the work trough standardized procedures an instructions and continuously update.
  • Guarantee the principles of independence and integrity to ensure fairness in the work and reports issued as a result of such work.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of information managed by management whether owned by customers and others, as if the information is generated in the wake of the work of SINAER, through the commitment of its staff and establishing protective measures of data and installations.
  • Guarantee permanent ability and staff technical excellence for the accomplishment of the tasks entrusted through a continuous training system, documented and periodically updated according to the needs identified by the organization.
  • Maintain a clear, concise and fluent communication with the customer and external people who are affected by the work of SINAER and inform you promptly of the facts and incidents in the course of activities.
  • Implement this quality policy at different levels appropriate and communicated to all staff as well as facilitate understanding and proceed with the review of the same for continuing suitability.
  • Comply with requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of system quality management, involving to all staff and providing a framework setting and reviewing targets the same.